71 Oakridge Drive, Stoney Creek, ON, L8G-2T4 +1 905-662-3272 [email protected]


“Cyril has been tuning and servicing our pianos at Hamilton School of Music since it’s inception in 1995. When needed, he’s always there in a timely fashion with quality tuning and repairs. Advice is gladly given and we always recommend him to our piano students.”

-Brenda Kushnir, owner Hamilton School of Music.


“Cyril has been my only ‘go to’ piano technician since we became familiar 10 or so years ago. His attention to detail and his diligence in the maintenance of my pianos have session pianists raving all the time about their feel, tuning and tone. My only wish is that he were less of a nice guy; so I could have something to complain about him.”

-Paul Intson, Composer/Music Producer


@ 2017 Cyril Hull Piano Tuner-Technician