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Piano Life Saver Installation

I have always endorsed Dampp-Chaser climate control systems. it is the best way to protect your piano from the ravages of excessive dryness and humidity. I’ve had one on my piano for almost 30 years, and has done a wonderful job maintaining the piano’s tone and structural integrity. Look at it as buying insurance to protect your investment. Not to mention how much better your piano will sound between tunings. This can only be achieved if the pads in the humidifier are replaced every 6 months and to give it water when the light flashes. It must be plugged in year round to work properly. If no one is home for an extended period (more than 3 weeks), it can be unplugged, then plugged back in on return. Do not play the piano for at least 24 hours to let it acclimate back to the system.

@ 2017 Cyril Hull Piano Tuner-Technician