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Cyril Hull Piano Tuner-Technician

Craftsman member of Ontario Guild of Piano Technicians ( ogpt.ca ).  Quality aural tuning, fine regulation, repair and rebuilding of upright and grand pianos.  Serving the Golden Horseshoe since 1985.  Clients include First Ontario Concert Hall in Hamilton, Burlington Performing Arts Centre, Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts … Clients include First […]

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Piano Tuning Service

When graduating from high school, music was my main interest in life.  Unfortunately, I had only grade six piano under my belt but did manage to pass the audition to attend the music program at Mohawk College.  This was a difficult time for me, as most others had a greater […]

Piano Regulation

There are always various things that can be done to improve the tone and touch of a piano.  Merely tuning a piano will make a significant improvement instantly, but going a step or two further can really inspire a player.    Hammer wear can happen fairly quickly, especially with a […]

Piano Repairs

For over thirty years now, I have devoted my efforts towards piano maintenance service.  It’s been a very rewarding career, especially when seeing the look of satisfaction on client’s faces when the job is done.  There’s always that magic from the piano when it’s been freshly tuned. The best way […]


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